This might sound stupid, but does it hurt much when you cut yourself when cooking? Is it something you just get used to? It sounds unavoidable, so I imagine having to go through it a ton just numbs you. I'm a little scared of potentially losing a finger!


It really depends on how deep you cut yourself. Another thing people don’t realize is how dangerous a dull knife can be. Cuts made with a dull knife can hurt a lot more. Sharp knife cuts hurt, too though! Incredibly, I went through 2 years at the CIA with only a few small cuts and only ONE burn (unlike everyone around me who are very scarred). A lot of people call them war scars but I think I’m pretty lucky (and skilled) to never have had any stitches or major scars.


Good example? The worst cut I ever got at school was in my dorm room, cutting an apple in my hand, with a plastic knife. 

There are lot’s of good videos online for how to hold a knife properly! Way too many people don’t know how. I cringe in fear almost every time I see someone cut something (ex. when they put their pointer finger on top of the knife—WORST idea ever). When you do this you don’t have control of the knife. 

The best way to use a knife is A) use a sharp one B) Hold it properly C) Tuck your guiding fingers in D) Practice!

Thanks for the great question!